CMAI with an objective to promote CSR In India there are thousands of organizations which have come up across the Country doing CSR Activities.

There are organizations who are focusing their energies on economy via their unique concepts and helping the society at large and making our Country more self independent which itself is a contribution towards making India a true superpower in the coming years.


Guidelines for award nominations

  1. Nomination can be made by self or others.
  2. Information to be submitted as detailed or as short as applicant deem fit for consideration by Jury
  3. The nomination would be considered based on information supplied and available from other market sources.
  4. of officer to be indicated, who will receive the award, if awarded.
  5. Nominations from one Company/Organization can be made for multiple categories. One Company/Organization can be considered for multiple awards in different categories.
  6. Decision of Award Jury shall be final in binding.
  7. The decisions will be conveyed by email to the person whose name appears in nomination.

CMAI has a full process for selection of winners for the categories as given above

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