Objective of the awards

  1. Recognizing the achievement of some of these institutions who have contributed significantly towards the growth of the economy in India in the recent times for their betterment of work in future.
  2. Identifying innovative approaches and employing application and technologies that will help to build a robust CSR programs

CMAI is the only integrated professional registered Association in India for Mobiles, Telecom, ICT, Education, Cyber Security, Communications, Multimedia, Manufacturing Industries and Infrastructure Sector having more than 48,500 members. It is an apex premier body with more than 54 International and National MOU partners and representatives all over the world. CMAI is known for Digital India, Make in India, Skill India, Start Up India, Cellular Services, Mobile handset industry, National and State Level Education Summit and Awards. CMAI has so far trained more than 20,000 delegates in Cyber security- Ethical Hacking and Safe Web Development. In Education field CMAI interacts with more than 1, 00,000 Educational Institutes. CMAI is also known for CMAI ICT World Communication Awards, Global ICT Forum. CMAI is member of more than hundred Government Committees.